Thursday, January 28, 2010

Act NOW!!

think big or dream big. which one would you choose? some people will answer different, some are not sure or did not know which one to choose. let me simplify, think big when u thinking something realistic, some are real and happened to the real world. happen at exact time of the time when facing a situation, when u dealing with dilemma to choose between two things in one time. or to do many works, while you only got two hands. think to solve. meanwhile, dream big is another case. u dream,what u want to be. such as superman, or have superpower to save the world. u dream own a Ferrari or Lamborghini or even Mercedes. whatever la. that the different, people think big sometime successfully on their life, some are not. some are think big but less action. but some people dream big and yet eventually gain a victory on their dream with their hard work and blessing from peoples and the God.
what if, u combine both of them into one? think and dream big. it will be supermassive victory and success full event of yours. it will be a memorable when u combine the reality which is thinking and imagination which is dreaming. boom. a result of your work will be splendid and worth full.
peoples, have their think, to dreams, to stimulate. brain are main switch to stimulate your respond, and to react. biological thinking. how the scientist can ever think such complicated things like that? because, the scientist dream to explore the nature anatomy of homo sapien. they study, experiment and do research over and over again. they fail? of course, no one gain a answer to every problem when doing once. they must do and do and do again to achieve a perfect and reasonable answer. so, they did it. they found, how human body's works. they gain a knowledge and share with other people. a prove when u combine a reality with imagination together to achieve higher expectation. when u do that, u gain name, wealth, famous, and etc.
but some people, they just think big. they think they can do, they dream what they thinking. such as, they think to build a company. they got contact. and they think that they 100% guarantee get the contract or something. then they dream, sitting on the office. wearing coat and tie. seating on cozy chair. looking down from 45 floor. they dream when no action. they just wait,and wait with nothing. and they end up with zero and disappointed. shame. when u combine the think and dream theory but less effort. nothing to gain and nothing to proud of.
in a nutshell, think and dream big are essential. but effort and action to take are far more important. no action no outcome same as no money no talk. so, open up your mind and eyes. see the beyond, go for it. like Malay said, dont be like katak tempurung. .go see the world, how the world develop fast to a higher standard and towards a new AGE of future. modern and civilise.
now move your butt and do it fast. no wait for another minutes, eh no. for another seconds. time are important. use wisely and spend usefully. life only one. hereafter are eternal.

p/s : since leaving high school.this is my first essay of 2010.haha. good2. dunno why,but my ideas and thoughts are more to this topic. just follow, ok. read and think twice. motivated.

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