Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sherlock Holmes : A Brilliant Detective

today, iqram, syeda, rifdi and i hanging out at alamanda. we decide to watch some movies. after our luch and zuhur prayer. we went to GSC and book 4 ticket for the movie, Sherlock Holmes. we already expected that this movie will be awesome and good. entering the hall at 2.45 and end at 5 something. the movies was totally awesome, as we predicted. our eyes never blinkingand fcusng to the movie. we were amazed by the novel's choronology, the character that the actor/actress brought and we setting place at London and the famous Baker Street.

fyi, im not working at the restaurant that i mentioned at my previous post. i never spell and prounounce that restaurant again. u know, yesterday. i informed by my friend that F bukan nama sebenar got fired from that restaurant. because iqram an i got job there. the manager just fired F without a proper and unacceptable reason. dah la pompuan, nanges lak dea mlm 2. sian oww. the only point iqram and i apply there coz we want to accompany F.becoz she look lonely working there although S working there 2. S also my fren. so, guys. after this. never come to that restaurant. and i heard bad rumours about them. idk, only the God knows.
so, after the terribleness(ade xdlm dictionary nit, hentam jerk). i got confirmation from Amirull, Juju's boyfriend and juju also that we have accpeted at Pizza Hut. plus, iqram and azam also get the job. yeah. three of us. same place. of course, it will be fun. so we will start tomorrow at 10. although we already knew that working there is quite exhausted but better than working at restaurant that for sure that no one will come and eat at that place en. so, tiring servicing customer msti a lot of fun. yeah. Gudluck!

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