Saturday, March 20, 2010

18teen World.

wow, haha. huu. hee. no words can describe how much joy i am. 20 march has come. the only day on calender that marks my day of birth. first and foremost, i want to say Alhamdullilah and thankful to the God that giving me this opportunity to live my life with prosperous. during 1992, march is the ramadhan month of Hijrah Calender. wtv it is, i thank to both of my parents for bring me to this world and taking a good care of me. thanks a lot u guys.

18 years i being live to this life. with happy and joy, sorrow and alone, sad and tears, excitment and goodness, workful and study, and whatever thats happen that shape me to who i am. 18 years also i being accompany by a lot and lot of people.from relatives to friends to foe to friends again and many range of people. i glad that i found this people.thats know me from who i am. inside and outside.

lastly, i want to thanks to you for wishing my day. and praying for me. i will remember until death set me apart from this world and hereafter.

p/s : happy brithday to me :DD

Saturday, March 13, 2010


haha, wake in the morning. i already pictured myself at school and took the results. so, i went to the school at 11 with azam. together we went straight to the hall where the ceremony started. looking around, seeing the schoolmates. some crying, some are jumping, some were just oke, some just were didn't care at all. we went to our class's table, register and teacher handing over the result to us. hearing the teacher said congratulations. my results were not so bad, i will tell u if u will tell yours(if u spm candidate of 2009) or u will face me and questioning me about the result. heee.
wtv it is, some of my friends got flying colours in their results, some were not. but remember, its not the end of life laa. life too huge to explore. dig more deeper if u want to find the gold.
furthermore, personally i want to congrats to these following friends of mine. whose just got their straight A's and more and more A than me.
- Augustine
- nazihah moh nor
- izzati abu bakar
- arlyna abas
- fahira halim
- tasnim
- ahmad fahmi
- khairun syahirah
- azyan amani
- n i xigt spe lg, bgtaw la aku. hee.

so, after all the hardworking. its kinda feels worthy and satisfied. overall, you all are the best.

well, to those yg xdpt bpe byk A. don't worry la. it not the end of life yet. more to discover. so, keep on your effort and don't give up. OK?


Friday, March 5, 2010

turn off the heat, please?

wow, this is hot. now, whether its night or days. its still the same.
imagine when u lying on your bed and trying to sleep. suddenly u sweating all over your face and body. u look at the switch, confusing whether u switch on the fan or not? then u close your eyes again, u feel uneasy, and rubbing n mess your hairs. u look into the fan speed's knob, and u see its already at the 5-speed. wandering, why this night so hot? well, i dunno about u guys but nowadays the temperature kinda rose up a little bit. and i felt that. eventough its rose 1 degree only,yet it still affect on us. where is the night when we finds its calming and cozy. even, when you go outside at 10 o'clock in the morning, the sun so bright and release heat that so hott. Dear God, please. let the temperature go down a little bit so we can enjoy our life and moments in your land. and dear human, whose are brainless that knock down the trees that release the oxygen to the surrondings and give us the comfort feeling. so whatever u doing, think for the future. think for the sake of your children, do you want they livin in a desert temperature. and died bcoz of that. and if had to cut off the tree, then please plant the new one. so the circulation and balance of the nature will be restored. thank you so much. oke?