Monday, August 9, 2010

story. cerita. penglipur lara perantau.

its already a month im study, staying, living at terengganu. mcm kejap dh sbulan, perggh. well, currently, im doing my assigment that is create or making a short film. haha. quite fun, we act, direct, laugh and so much fun. precalculus, just like addmath. urrgh.
the most significant here, i already fluent a little bit on ganu n klate dialect. wahh, so much learning of that dialect. my roomates are ganu n klate's people. so everyday i heard and talk like them. haha.
kt sini, slalu sgt g pantai. well, since it nearby, why not use the advantage right. so, most every evening, i going there with my friends and had a keropok lekor and air jmabu batu asam boi while the scenery of a sunset. huuu. listening to the waves, and watching the blue blue sky. haha. things that u will see every day at kuala lumpur. wahhhaa.
so, form today. nak deakt dh puasa ni. tahun nie, ak xpuasa n buka or sahur kt umah. pelik guk. tp, ape nk bwt en. dh besar. haha. ak puasa di trangganu n break-fast here.
and guess what, ddk sni menambah kn berat baii. gemuk skit dh. mmg siodd. ape nk bwt. mknn dh murah, sdp guk. air buah lg. aduhhh, masyukkk. mmg xdpt lari aa. ak, nk krus balik .pose nie tgk la. haha.

btw, ak kt sni ucap kn. slamt mnyambut bulan ramadhan. n slamt berpose. pose, jgn ponteng. hahaha.

soon, will be more