Thursday, February 25, 2010

the Fallen Family

there were a time when this family become well-known around the atmosphere. people knew them because of their involvement in many fields. their academic achievement and their activitely in co-coriculum. this family expanded their popularity when their reached their senior year. the moments when the juniors looking up to them. the family are very united, tolerated, together, alert, and exxagerate. they hold arm to arms, hand to hands in every situation. many parties and events they organised to make it better. and they made it success full. i very positively sure that, they were a happy family at home. yet, they are full of conflict or fighting but they still like brothers and sisters that fighting for a silly things. moreover the war that used to happen that split the family into two, finally made a peace. and miracle happen when the bond of the family become more extremely stronger.
second by seconds, minute by minute, hours by hours, day by days. somehow its seem quite and full of silence. the cheerful and laughter that been heard all this time is gone. are they made their minds to went to separate ways? some are still staying together, see each other and loitering. some are only thinking for the sake of two of them. some are gone to a place when people didn't find them,expelled themselves from the society. some are they busy make a money for their life. must this become the excuses of them not staying together again. even though we are not seeing each other like before, going recess like before, mixing the chemical or calculate the add math together like before doesn't mean we must forgetting each other anymore. we must not to be a stranger when seeing each other in the future.
how? how? how is this happen? did the God plans this, so we get more better in relationship? why this happen? did you all forget all the times we been together? we all are grown ups, we can think what are the best of us. what make our relationship become unite and happy every time. looking at the photo when we reach a enjoy and cheerful moments. but, i wander where are the elements that we used to have gone?
come on people whose listen and invovled, open la your mind. accept this fate, we are trying to fading the past of wonderful and making the future of misearable. sorry if thing did not happened like we used to plan, sorry for promise that never be fulfill. and sorry if this fear of losing friendship that used to be haunting on us coming reality.

i pray, i wish, i doa to Al-Mighty hope that we still friends and Friends forever!

this is not a drama i want to tell, but this a life that full of drama i wish to end.
hope there will be a happy endings for this story that i regret to show

Thursday, February 4, 2010


time xde kje. nie la kje nye. aku n adeq aku. hahaha. lyn jee



bpk lame la aku xpost kt blog nit. so ari ni aku day off. well, lets get this finger typing some words. today, my first day at the driving academy, IMKEDA at Hulu Langat. which nearby to my kampung. today is the Ceramah for car license L. then next week will be the computer theory test. and poof, i got L. during the ceramah, its quite boring and fun actually. penceramah 2 bwt lawk, so we dont fall a sleep. 6 hours of hearing and 45 minutes of break. however i looking forward for the P. and driving the car which spontaneous and carefully on th road, pandu selamat, jiwa pun selamat laa.gelabah jee. ape pun, one of objectives of this 2010, is marked tick as done. this februari i will find a class to learn mandarin. yeah. xsbr tul.

now, im a cashier and a waiter at pizza hut. wow. trying the best. and i welcoming to all my friends to those read this to come and spend ur time at Pizza Hut Alamanda. thanxx