Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Miss U.

well, hows everyone? are u good? i hope u so. well, i am very good at here. now, i getting used myself here, everything so far so good. hey, i got my first assignment. best kott. kat sekolah panggil homework, sini assignment bro. haha.
so, hows ur life there my friends? korg dh jaoh dari aku doee. ape nak buat en? redha je laa.
first, i miss my family laa. they always supported me and encouraged me all the way here. so, im very happy to have them. my father and mother and brothers. my lovin aunt and uncle. opah, atuk and nenek. i miss u guys. jumpe raya nanti la yee.


yeah, mmg! we separated toooo soon before we realising. if afraid, the previous we hang out together is the last time we are staying together. i totally miss the suasana kelas. adoii. the time when we used to declared a war between two puak. and bla bla. we used to organised such as hari raya celebration, graduation video n etc.
then, after we finished our school. we went to Malacca. our first trip as a class. although not everyone participated. yet, we still enjoyed it right.
25 of us had became a family. united and loving each other kott. haha.
I love u, AGE PROJECT!

i miss pizzzzza hut. haha. kat sini, ak dah lepaskn rindu n kempunan ak dengan makan pizza dekat Kuala Terengganu. haha. aku rindu nak buat pizza 2. uli tepung sume. adoii. and what the most significant is, i miss to worked here. pizza hut. haha. they are the one whose pid my allowance and wage. hahaha. syukur alhamdullilah. i miss, sumeorg yg keje ngan ak dulu. korg trbaek laa. lepak same2 la, sume laa. fuhh, xdapat lupekn.

so, overall. i miss my life before i came here. but, i try to be enjoy while i staying here. amd make my days, month nad years at here meaningful and unforgettable like my life before this laa. hee.

p/s : i miss ALAMANDA the most!! and times square, pavilion, Bukit Bintang and sume laa. sini mmg xdpt la nk lepk mcm kt kl. adoiii.
anwar, sbr je la :DD

I Miss U.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Menara gading di negeri makang ikang

haha, start of this 4july, i will be continuing my study at UMT. UMT? haha, i thought so. u maybe never heard of this. yea. Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. so, taking a diploma of fishery a.k.a diploma perikanan. haa, plik en. well, dh nk sgt kt laut. msuk je la.
i step my foot here, and begin my journey in this very beginning. hahaha :DD

herre a littel story or history about UMT.
The Universiti Malaysia Terengganu or UMT, formerly known as Kolej Universiti Sains dan Teknologi Malaysia or KUSTEM was officially chartered on February 1, 2007.

It was formerly known as the University College of Terengganu (Kolej Universiti Terengganu, KUT) in 1999. The founding of the university can be traced back to 1979 when the Centre for Fisheries and Marine Science was founded in Mengabang Telipot, Terengganu. Over the years the Centre has moved on from its original role and diversified to become the centre for maritime and oceanography research and development. It was later renamed University Putra Malaysia Terengganu (UPMT). The Incorporation Order of KUT (Perbadanan) 1999 (PUA 292) was passed by the Parliament on July 27, 1999, enabling the inception of KUT, which was in consistent with the ever increasing need for higher education in Malaysia especially in the fields of maritime science and technology.

The Malaysian government has agreed to rename KUSTEM to Universiti Malaysia Terengganu in 2007. The name change was in place because the term 'university college' (Kolej Universiti) tends to give a negative impression that the institution is of lower standard as compared to other universities. Many employers also tend to be of the opinion that university college graduates are not competent enough as they are not from a 'proper' university. This, of course, is a very narrow view by some quarters who do not understand and appreciate the roles and objectives of a university college. Some world-renowned institutions of academic and research excellence have always remained proud to be a university college e.g. University College London (UCL), University College Cork and University College Dublin. Nevertheless, the change of name was granted by the Malaysian government for the sake of the graduates.

a copyright from UMT's facebook. haha

click here to overview the UMT,

so, mybe im the last of putra and kl boy here. at first, it litte bit of awkard laa. sume dak ganu n kelate. ckp loghat msg2 en, pham skit. nk kece blik susah. haha. but, im getting used to it laa. merantau la kte kn.

after the orientation and minggu jalinan mesra, i got to knew a friends. and we make a team. so, sush sng bersama la kot. mmg dak sni xckp mcm kl, tp xpe la. malysia guk en.
and kt sni, food cost is extremely cheapp. wow, sdp pun sdp laa. knyang beb. haha.

overall, im quite having fun here laa, so. hear from me soon. choww~

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Apart. New life, its just begin.

haha, so start on the forth July. im entering a new environment, which most teen will face it. a college-university life. yeahh. looking forward into it. so hopefully, it brings enjoyment and educational experiences to me. its a path towards my future. o btw im back to study, lol. although its not school alike situation, but this new life will teaches me how to survive, independent and live bujang. ouhh man, damn. it will be quite tough because you are adult now. you used to be controlled and manage by adults, but now you are officially one of them. one step ladder of life. from baby to kids to elementary to secondary and go on.
new life means new people. haha, meet up new people going to make my social networking going huge. i dunno, kawan biar seribu en, hahaha. so, a million i want to make laa. btw, to all my dearest friends that i knew first. from school, and you that became close to me. i do not ever forget about you guys. because, you all are the one whose make me, is ME. hahah. thanks alot. huu.

for maybe after this, i will not be able to log in into facebook or myspace or any of my social webs as i used to be, is because i will busy with my assignments and other stuff laa. but i still want to hear form you guys. so drop by to my wall and post me a comments and such things, yeah.

so, until then. thanks for read my post.:DD
wait for my next post k,hahaha ^___^