Saturday, July 3, 2010

Apart. New life, its just begin.

haha, so start on the forth July. im entering a new environment, which most teen will face it. a college-university life. yeahh. looking forward into it. so hopefully, it brings enjoyment and educational experiences to me. its a path towards my future. o btw im back to study, lol. although its not school alike situation, but this new life will teaches me how to survive, independent and live bujang. ouhh man, damn. it will be quite tough because you are adult now. you used to be controlled and manage by adults, but now you are officially one of them. one step ladder of life. from baby to kids to elementary to secondary and go on.
new life means new people. haha, meet up new people going to make my social networking going huge. i dunno, kawan biar seribu en, hahaha. so, a million i want to make laa. btw, to all my dearest friends that i knew first. from school, and you that became close to me. i do not ever forget about you guys. because, you all are the one whose make me, is ME. hahah. thanks alot. huu.

for maybe after this, i will not be able to log in into facebook or myspace or any of my social webs as i used to be, is because i will busy with my assignments and other stuff laa. but i still want to hear form you guys. so drop by to my wall and post me a comments and such things, yeah.

so, until then. thanks for read my post.:DD
wait for my next post k,hahaha ^___^

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  1. erk! tpu.... being 1 of varsity club members give u so much time wit all kind of social thingy! muahaha.... smpai boleh keje d PH alamanda n still, i got A for my thesis... agagaga!