Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Miss U.

well, hows everyone? are u good? i hope u so. well, i am very good at here. now, i getting used myself here, everything so far so good. hey, i got my first assignment. best kott. kat sekolah panggil homework, sini assignment bro. haha.
so, hows ur life there my friends? korg dh jaoh dari aku doee. ape nak buat en? redha je laa.
first, i miss my family laa. they always supported me and encouraged me all the way here. so, im very happy to have them. my father and mother and brothers. my lovin aunt and uncle. opah, atuk and nenek. i miss u guys. jumpe raya nanti la yee.


yeah, mmg! we separated toooo soon before we realising. if afraid, the previous we hang out together is the last time we are staying together. i totally miss the suasana kelas. adoii. the time when we used to declared a war between two puak. and bla bla. we used to organised such as hari raya celebration, graduation video n etc.
then, after we finished our school. we went to Malacca. our first trip as a class. although not everyone participated. yet, we still enjoyed it right.
25 of us had became a family. united and loving each other kott. haha.
I love u, AGE PROJECT!

i miss pizzzzza hut. haha. kat sini, ak dah lepaskn rindu n kempunan ak dengan makan pizza dekat Kuala Terengganu. haha. aku rindu nak buat pizza 2. uli tepung sume. adoii. and what the most significant is, i miss to worked here. pizza hut. haha. they are the one whose pid my allowance and wage. hahaha. syukur alhamdullilah. i miss, sumeorg yg keje ngan ak dulu. korg trbaek laa. lepak same2 la, sume laa. fuhh, xdapat lupekn.

so, overall. i miss my life before i came here. but, i try to be enjoy while i staying here. amd make my days, month nad years at here meaningful and unforgettable like my life before this laa. hee.

p/s : i miss ALAMANDA the most!! and times square, pavilion, Bukit Bintang and sume laa. sini mmg xdpt la nk lepk mcm kt kl. adoiii.
anwar, sbr je la :DD

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