Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what pizza are made of?

hahaha, of course laa. its a secret. keje sane la dlu, bru taw. hee. btw, as long i been working at my first job, Pizza Hut. i being trough a lot of things, met new freinds. and eventually we became a chemical bonds that hard to break. haha. neverthelss, got a huge and splendid wage. totally byak. n ade lg dlam bank. i saving them for my future.
pizza, i learnt a lot. on how hard to get a money to survive, been exposed to a new world.
hahahahahahahhhahahaha, hillarious. yeah! byk kenangan yang ak dh lalui dan simpan hingga mnjadi nostalgia dlm hidup, perggh jiwang. haha. wtv, thnks pizza. u thought me very well. and thanks also to all person involved. hee :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Youth 2010

too lazy to elobrating this event, just the pictures to describes it all. :DD