Thursday, February 4, 2010


bpk lame la aku xpost kt blog nit. so ari ni aku day off. well, lets get this finger typing some words. today, my first day at the driving academy, IMKEDA at Hulu Langat. which nearby to my kampung. today is the Ceramah for car license L. then next week will be the computer theory test. and poof, i got L. during the ceramah, its quite boring and fun actually. penceramah 2 bwt lawk, so we dont fall a sleep. 6 hours of hearing and 45 minutes of break. however i looking forward for the P. and driving the car which spontaneous and carefully on th road, pandu selamat, jiwa pun selamat laa.gelabah jee. ape pun, one of objectives of this 2010, is marked tick as done. this februari i will find a class to learn mandarin. yeah. xsbr tul.

now, im a cashier and a waiter at pizza hut. wow. trying the best. and i welcoming to all my friends to those read this to come and spend ur time at Pizza Hut Alamanda. thanxx

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