Friday, March 5, 2010

turn off the heat, please?

wow, this is hot. now, whether its night or days. its still the same.
imagine when u lying on your bed and trying to sleep. suddenly u sweating all over your face and body. u look at the switch, confusing whether u switch on the fan or not? then u close your eyes again, u feel uneasy, and rubbing n mess your hairs. u look into the fan speed's knob, and u see its already at the 5-speed. wandering, why this night so hot? well, i dunno about u guys but nowadays the temperature kinda rose up a little bit. and i felt that. eventough its rose 1 degree only,yet it still affect on us. where is the night when we finds its calming and cozy. even, when you go outside at 10 o'clock in the morning, the sun so bright and release heat that so hott. Dear God, please. let the temperature go down a little bit so we can enjoy our life and moments in your land. and dear human, whose are brainless that knock down the trees that release the oxygen to the surrondings and give us the comfort feeling. so whatever u doing, think for the future. think for the sake of your children, do you want they livin in a desert temperature. and died bcoz of that. and if had to cut off the tree, then please plant the new one. so the circulation and balance of the nature will be restored. thank you so much. oke?

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