Sunday, January 17, 2010

hows my 2010 works?

wow, 2010 ek. bpk cept en. this year no school, no homework, no no no. kile bez. xyah bangun awl2 pg. can sleep anytime and can wake up any noon. that was awesome. being wake up late in the midnight and watch HBO or star world. and watch american idol. bpk lawak. then, sleep on the coach until subuh prayer.

only at my thought, my schedule of my work, at pizza hut. pizza hut, spe kate penat. penat nye agk berbaloi la. enjoy kje sne. rmi yg supporting, cayaa la korunk. pizza hut alamanda roxx. hahaha. soup n order kne antr cept. jgn bg customer marah. ngekk. haha. kje ngan azam n iqram skali.mmg syok la. berteman en.

All Star Pizza Hut Alamanda.
new brings something new? haha. not yet. soon it will be. hope if it is happening, i will hoping that it will be lasts for eternally. mine always. haha. ok. fullstop.

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  1. woit2...xaci ahh xde gmbr ktorg..nk jgk...wuwuwuwu..haha~