Sunday, January 3, 2010


but, im not schooling anymore. not wearing those green olive pants or the turquoise pants. im wearing both, student and prefect. both fun n sucks. haha. so, this year the first year not entering school again. some peoples find it so fun and amuse that not going to school anymore. so do i. leaving school is part of the life. part being a grown up. learn to stand with ur own two legs. learn to survive to outside world. friends? yeah. thts too. we leaving them. after this, we all going in different path. haha. wtv, we still friends. memories still fresh in mind to cherish.

so, spe2 yg skolh lg. haha. enjoy la n padan muke. hee. xpe. nnty korunk rse guk hidup lepas abes skolh. duh, yg xsbr ape sal. enjoy skolh dlu. enjoy kne marah rotan sbb xpki lencana, suar kecik, tudung singkat n bla bla. xsiap hw. kaco2 org.  lps nie korunk xkne dh sume 2. hee.

below, ade gmbr2 mse kt skolh. usha2 la. haha. 

right after bio's paper. 

pengawas version.

at school.

girls of 5s2.

situation during math mod's class.

kne hentam ngan teacher halipah.

sleeping queen at the class. waiting for her king. haha.

pelajar bese. dak baju putih.

geng baju biru. haha

eventhough berbeza, tp boys ttp unite. xde puak2. hee:D 

tekun la sangat :)

time Form3. finish PMR.

trip to Parliment.

same with above.

fire training.

awesome one.


joy of reflection.

its true then. school's time is the most damn best thing that happen. when its gone, u totally missed it. guarantee for that.

trip to Palace Of Justice.

time form4, mse botak. bru blik kem. hahaha.

now, what u can do. enjoy the rest of your moments at school. kunk dh abes nyesal lak. sush22.

time sambut merdeka. gantung bendera.

ank jati m'sia konon. haha. rukun negara bak dtg.

hamper yg kitoerg mng, hahhaha. thun form 4 d best.

haiih, skolah22. ape nk jd. mcm2 korunk dpt kt skolh. kalo aktif dlm byk bidg. tak kire la koko ke, sukan ke, akademik ke, gangster ke. sure korunk akn famous. satu skolh kenal korunk. mule la si adeq2 form1 nk knl2. adq2 form1 mmg baek2. hee. 

jiran2 yg ddk sebelah aku kt klass.

boys will alwys be boys.

presenting our civil's projects.

we think of it. many had happened at school. happy, sad, exciting. mcm2 la. aduh sedih dh tinggalkn skolh. apepun, hidup must go on. so, kite enjoy je la. still kite leh lawat skolh 2 bile2. bile ade evnt join la. tgk junior2 bwt show. gitu. hahaha.

school is the best and the worst.

but what most important is, what we learn and gain at school is the gold  in the chest. friendship we gain, memory we cherish, knowledge we learn n practice. in a nutshell, school is where everything happen. a second home. sometime hell sucks, but most of its a best damn thing.


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