Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Job Hunting : Bayou Restaurant

i got it. i got a job. thanks god. our hardwork paying off. yesterday, 4 january. iqram and i looking for a job at our nearby shopping complex, Alamanda. we looking all over the places and boutique and shops. we try to apply at Watson, Bayou, Starbucks, Manhattan Fish Market and many more. then we met amey 5A1 and Farid Amir, Ding 5A2. they also searching for a job too. we filled up the form and they replied ' we will call you a.s.a.p' after we submitted the form. then, we have interviews at Manhattan and Bayou the next day. Alam lg. haha.

ape yg lawak nye semalam, Aqilah or qeyla or odah from my class busted or kantoi kje kt Chicken Rice Shop. she trying hiding her workplace as i asked her many time before. then, as i arrived alam yestrday, she just left her workplace going for her recess. we bumped up and laughing xabes2. mmg lawak. muke aqilah dah merah dh. haha. patut amek gmbr mse 2. haissh. xpe la. then, we called up for luqman to eat together at RASA. fyi, for the mean time, luqman is working at Al-Fanoos. haha. shisha shop. yeah. hee.

btw, what is most frustrating yesterday is i did not get a job at Starbucks. duhh, mmg sedih. i try to apply, but full as they said. why, apply here? coz, i want to learn how to be barista. one of my dream of occupation. its fun and best. barista? xtaw ape 2. haiiya. 

In English, barista is a name applied to a person, usually a coffee-house employee, who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. The word comes from the Italian language, where it has a wider meaning of "bartender". The term persists in coffee-house jargon, with many employers officially utilizing the title for such employees. It is also used by a coffee-shop workers union called Baristas United set up by the Industrial Workers of the World. Often, among coffee enthusiasts, the term is reserved for one who has acquired some level of expertise or particular skill in the preparation of such drinks. 

                                                                 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

one of the famous shop that offering barista's job

she is the barista! damn, want to be like her.

a cup of coffee mad by barista. smart. mmg berseni.

barista babe, hahaha :DD

a cup full of artwork. very pro.

a pro doing his job, tekun doe. hasilnye gempak.

mcm nie la salah satu hasil barista buat! aiyoo, dpt bwt mmg syok.

this girl got a chance to be one, aku lak? akn dtg laa.

perfect for tackling a girl. caer punyer.

today, Iqram and i again. plus, Azam went to alam. iqram and i went to the interview. both Manhattan and Bayou. azam also joining us, bayou only not manhattan. dea yg xnk. we been asked a lot of question during the interview. some question hard to answer, just bluff it up. some question is just like exam's question, KBKK one. haiiyaa. mcm exam soklan dea. interview, one by one. mcm bese la en. answering all the question hoping we get the job. serious's face you can see on the manager. bikin cuak la. duhh. that what we called psychology.

trying our luck here.

today, we also met up with amir shahid again. dh jmpe actually awl td, he also been called up for interview at Bayou. then i knew that Ding already got a job at Nose. wah2. high heels utk padjie la lps nie. but, accidentally. mse tgh2 interview kt Manhattan. ade org msuk kedai. xsgke, my bff's girlfriend, fath and her bff, amira and their 'abah'(kwn jerk), iman( btul kott eja) dtg cri kje. haha, nk tergelak je mse 2. xtaw lak dea pun nk apply sni. tp deaorg xjdik nk apply coz alsan nyer interview lame sgt. interview kiteorg la. dr kul 4 smpi 5. then, iqram, azam, amir and i again cari lagi kerja. we apply at Kenny Roger, Pizza Hut. amir before this apply kat gsc and parkson. hahahahaha. we filled up the form and submit. thats all. they will call. lps 2, jalan2 la kt alam 2. cari2 kwn2 kt parkson utk dikacau. haha.

then i got a call. stranger. unknown number, answer it. a call from Bayou. they asked me to come over tomorrow. full dress of working man, mcm pki dak parkson je sbnr nye. mybe dpt uniform la lps nit. at 11 we must come. punctuality is important, like the manager said. so, we will come. try2 la. but actually, we are hoping that we got from Manhattan Fish Market. but dh dpt nie dlu. on je la dlu. dpt Manhattan, tukr la. haha. thank to god we got one. azam and amir still crossing their finger. haha.

pullman hotel, lawa oww.

fake beach at putrajaya. nearby Pullman.

Pullman, spe taw je la. we did going to over there. asking for a job. tp, sush. we need transport going over there. bus, not every Ndi Putra buses passed and drive all the way to Pullman. just one or two only. limited and hard to find. so, maybe we after we got our driving license and we start to work over there. okey. hahaha.

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