Sunday, January 3, 2010

Malacca, 5SIGMA2'S Vacation.


haiih, mcm mne la aku leh tertinggal nk post event nie. hurm, ok. i akn story skit psl vacation nit. 

we, 5S2 already planned this vacation before SPM examination lg. still sempat en. then, we booked Ismah Beach Resort, transport(bus) from Paka Lagenda, a place to visit. in the early planning, 25 of us agree to join and exciting about this holiday. rm150 per person. but, sooner later. there were a last minute cancellation from the class member. many of them withdraw from the vacation, because of family matter, parent issues, and bla bla. and our budget become lesser. 

so, whatever it is. the planning still goes on. we depart from Putrajaya on 15 december to Malacca at 9 a.m. going with bus. lame kott tggu bus nk dtg mse 2, bengang sume. haha. then we arrived at our resort about 12 p.m. we check in and unpacked our bag at our room. 4/5 person per room for boys. which we have 2 room. but one big family room for girls. total that went to the malacca is 14 people. 14 over 25. haha. tell me about that.

Ismah Beach Resort.

 beach nearby, front of the resort.

hurm, 9 boys and 5 girls that going to this vacation. but one of the girls is our ex-sigma2. she leaving the class during form4. leaving to sekolah teknik. shakilla izzatul. boys that going are,   me, ashraff, luqman, iqram, aniq, emil, azrul, farzul dug, and faiz. girls lak, shera, syeda, tasha, qeyla, and nazihah. qeyla's mom and sis also participated. 

mandi-manda di pantai.

mandi manda di pantai ini mmg bez. well, farzul is extremely happy coz dea sudah balik ke laut. his hometown. and he happy coz got to met his friends. the marine creatures. hahaha. spe fhm bgus la. xphm, buat2 phm la. :DD.

girls yg maen pasir jerk. 

boys yg mandi pantai. fun.

beach volleyball.

after mandi2, we playing the volleyball and soccer at the beach. fun and tired.

sea-sighting. Straits of Malacca.

this is the second day, we are going to Bandar. jalan2. 

group photo.

if u notice, we wearing the same wristband. the red one.

waterfront in front of the Stadhuys.

well, as we taking our holiday right after finishing SPM. we also taking our history lesson during this vacation as we came to historical city, Melaka. many we have learned and saw that we cannot get from class.

amek gambar. we love to do that.

a view of Malacca up from the hill.

memorable stone.

during this vacation also, we strengthen our friendship bond. we becoming closer between each other. 

copy from the Tugu Negara.

the famous, A Famosa.

see, org yg sme amek gmbr. hahaha. 

outside the Dataran Pahlawan Mall.

historical train. haha. sunny day

nice view, hensem people. haha. oppss, a rockin lady :D

cendol time, sedap oww.

BBQ Night.

the last night at Melaka. so, we having a bbq to celebrate it. everybody enjoy during this moment. everybody get a chance to grill the fish and chicken. emil, exciting mase ini. his first time. haha. 

grilling the fish and chicken.

sume nk grilling. ape yg penting, kerjasame!

fyi, we also having a campfire after the bbq. x sempat nak amek gambar coz, bateri abes. during the campfire, we playing the famous game. True or Dare. each and everyone got their turn. duh. sume kantoi. bengong, spe la cadg game nie. haha.

a picture to cherish. having you guys as my class member mmg bez. together we cherish this moments. forever! haha. dgn harapan lg, kite dpt bwt vacation mcm nie lg. mybe the next 5 years. during our reunion, right? 


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