Sunday, December 27, 2009


wow, no one ever think that i will write or publish a blog. haha. new year coming up, so i need a little different moves on my life. leaving the school`s life and start blogging. hee.

now, i seems many of my member got their own blogspot. kinda bit challenged by me. whaahaha. i`m used to stalking and reading to their blog, and perhaps they are stalking my own now. haha. who`s know?

btw, im sorry if my blog are English-broken. so what? no one perfects. so, damn hell about it. im just write wtv i want wit my own words. hahaha. kalo slah pun, bia je la. haha.

after this, i will keep updating to my blog if i had a time. about my life's progress. and anything laa. usha je la k.

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