Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009. A Year To Remember.

when comes to think about it, this year brings a lot of event. and its sure brings a lot of memories to me. a year that changes me from good to more better. hahaaha. wtv it is, 2009. a year to determine my future, of course. i am the SPM's students(victim). i do my best. hoping flying colours results in march.

of course this year i struggling with study, revision and bla bla bla.but still i can enjoy myself with my friends. we hangout, loitering and evrything. we also do some feast during occasion such as during hari raya, farewell party for teacher rohana, buka puasa, and etc.

2009, a year to remember and to cherish. this year also i met some new friends and become close to them. nk list kn rmi lak. so, i know my friends and u knw me. hahaha. thnks for tht :)

hurm,ok la. end of my writing this time with apologising to everyone if i made a mistake. aku baek, tp aku minx maaf guk. hahaha. :DDD. thanks everybody for being my friends and make my life cheerful.

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