Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sok dh rye haji. ak balik putra for celebrating tht. i dunno how i gonna to live if i stay at ganu. mybe bez kott, mybe x. sbb xdpt mkn dgg korban.untung la ak balik. TP TP TP, kalo balik fham je la en, mmg xbce ape la utk exam. shitt, hahaha. ak kne cri mse. still, jmaat nie ak balik ganu balik. smpt lg la ak nk study lg lg n lg. hee. btw, yg xbalik 2, n sty kt ganu. jgn sedih k, korg pun sndiri dh mnceriakn tmpt 2. kalo x, sunyi je cafe 2 pagi2 ni. hahaha.
aim of this rye hji, is all about prngorbanan. sacrifice, haha. there were a lot of things we given up to let other path show its true potential. maybe we chose the right path, maybe we not. or yet, maybe we happy to walk and life with it, or we just end up with regretting and sighing all the time. wth. so, how should we know, how life gonna be. we dont. only GOD knows. he created our destiny, and we must follow it. BUT, we can change IT u know. we can, never to late to change your life from misery to smiling. yeah. God never help or change his creatures unless they help themselves.(tul en ^^)
btw, we afford to have a life that we want to be. its our life, not your friends or your family. its you to decide how it should be. you are one who gonna to paint your world with the colour of your spirit and mental. everything can be settle down. there were a solution in each every questions and problems. haha.
so, dont just give up yur life like that, make it useful. u just got only one life, and use it to the fullest. life never ends untill the times has come. until then, try to fill your life with some memories. make it wonderful. then your life should be.

fuhh, ak ke yg tulis 2?haha.
p/s : thun nie, ak brkorbn kn rmbut ak. pndekk siood :)

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