Thursday, October 7, 2010

raya ku bersama ikan2 di ganu, hee

sbb hari raye nie. hee. so, smpt guk raye2 kt UMT nie. latest event adalh. hari raya bersama ikan2 d ganu. haha. bersma dak diplomaa. hee.
it also in conjunction of Annual Grand Meeting of REVOF. revof? haha. Revolution Of Fisheries. our diploma's club. so, we selected new president, since the third year had step back and given the new position to second year. for them to continue the legacy. and given them a space to finish their study of the last year in diploma.
plg bez, sye dpt jd one of the EXCO. hee.

the event took a nite and held at Perpustakaan Sulatanah Nur Zahirah(PSNZ).
from first year until third year, all came together. taw2, rmai lak dak2 ikan nie. haha. sume pkai molek2.

btw, mse nie. ahchong yg jd photographer. n pdn muke sbb dea xbwk nikon dea. abes dea nyesal2. haha. nasib ak bwk olympus ak, hurrmm. so, dpt la dea gne, coz ade org request dea jg photogrpher. hee.

k rr, mls nk cite. tgk rr gmbr.

thats all for now, haha

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